Thursday, July 29, 2010

Promoting yourself!

Well everyone, we are moments from finalising your GLORIOUS pages. I cannot even begin to tell you how stunning this book is looking and it's all thanks to YOU! We are just thrilled.

Very soon we'll be sending files to print, then the long, agonising wait begins... BUT in the meantime, we will be very busy starting the handmade living. promotional train - departing from Canberra and travelling the entire country (and New Zealand!) with news on this incredibly beautiful and totally unique book.

Can you believe you're part of such a beautiful, unique Australian book!?

Very soon we'll be getting you some information on how you can jump on that promotional train and use handmade living. as a way to promote and bring nation-wide attention to your business. When this information arrives, read through it carefully and if you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

We'll also soon be releasing information on how you can wholesale and onsell copies of handmade living. - not only to make yourself some extra dollars, but to use the book as an incredibly effective marketing tool for your own business.

Coming soon!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, you can start promoting!

Dear Designers,

The Handmade Canberra website has received an unprecedented amount of hits in the hours after revealing the handmade living. cover. We've already received a heap of pre-orders and one of the country's major magazines has even requested a review copy!!!

Some of you are asking if you can use the cover on your blogs and websites - yes please - do it! Promote and celebrate as much as you can - tell everyone you're inside this luscious book (although don't reveal exactly what! that's a surprise!).

Your friends and family can pre-order copies on the Handmade Canberra website now and we'll let you know soon how you can organise any wholesale copies, if you wish to onsell the book.

It's still early days - but boy are they amazing ones!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

handmade living. - THE COVER!

You've seen the designer info. You've worked your heart out. You've sent in all we've needed to create a masterpiece, and now - here it is - no, it's not the movie (yet!) - it's the book cover!

We are thrilled to showcase the final book cover for handmade living - we hope you agree it incorporates all we have worked hard to achieve (and are still working to achieve!). As we finalise and proof pages, releasing this cover is an emotional and very exciting time for us all.

Enjoy this fabulous cover and don't forget - you can order copies for family and friends now on the Handmade Canberra website.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Book cover is nigh...

We are about to reveal the cover of handmade living... after many hours of umming and ahhing and sighing... the cover is nigh! Hang tight - we'll be revealing it soon! And you'll also be able to pre-order any copies you'd like for family and friends. First 200 ordered get signed copies... stayed tuned!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Look Handmade Canberra Website

Have you taken a peek at the stunning new look Handmade Canberra website? You might just notice some changes. The astoundingly dedicated and super stylish Julie Nichols has been hard at work creating this amazing new site, with links to designer information and blogs a breeze.

Combining the Market, the Shop and the Book under one new title - Handmade Canberra - the website look has been designed by the ├╝ber talented Tina Snerling, and this whole new layout has been specially recreated by Julie to make it easier to navigate and access information throughout the Handmade three-part empire!

Great work, Julie! Love it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Calendar Postponed for 2010

Dear Designers,

We are enormously saddened to announce the handmade living calendar for 2010 has been postponed until 2011. Due to our massive production schedule and time issues in coordinating over 100 of you(!) we regret the calendar has taken a little bit of a back seat.

Tina has been snowed helping with the book for this year, but next year we will definitely offer the calendar once again - keep an eye on this site for news about both the new book and calendar from January next year.

Thank you to everyone who applied - the calendar will be back even bigger next year.

In other news, the book is deep into production and we are currently shooting a variety of cover shots. Will you see your product on the cover??