Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo Shoot Peek

Want to know what's happening 'behind the scenes' here at handmade living? Here are some production peeks you might have fun scrolling through...

We're working seven days a week, day and night to make the most of your beautiful wares for this amazing book. Enjoy this random peek!

First... at our book contributor portrait shots... I wonder who this lovely gal is, hiding behind the flower (above), being encaptured by fab photographer Hilary Wardaugh...

And here are some photo shoots with Hilary and her dog Jeremy. You may catch a glimpse of Anthea Cahill from Real Chai here... and also Polly Stokes from Polbymade and Shop's own Elle, reading from Le Château de Ma Mère (as you do).

Here is a peek at a little styling I did for a recent, very delicious shoot... let's just say I did almost as much eating as I did photography...

And here I am today, styling and shooting yet another... in my own backyard!

Lastly, a look at my office last week. It has since gotten worse... there's not an inch of floor space now!

Fun fun fun!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Calling all designers - exciting update on our calendar!

I am so excited to announce some wonderful changes happening to our gorgeous calendar. As you may know, a newsletter was circulated announcing a new lower application fee that will be offered to designers interested in applying for the last few spots in the calendar. Given your overwhelming support of Handmade Living, we thought we would give something back by reducing the fee to just $199.00! For those talented designers who have already been accepted, you will also be offered this new lower fee.

Such a wonderful opportunity to have your creations showcased for an entire month in our stunning postcard calendar. Along with a styled photo shoot of your product (to be shot on location in Brisbane), you will receive a month dedicated to you and your business.

We will also be running a competition, where one talented designer who has been accepted into our calendar will receive their spot FREE! More details on this exciting opportunity coming very soon!

We have received an overwhelming response for applications packs, so be quick if you would like to be considered for this amazing opportunity. Please contact Tina, if you would like to receive yours!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Address for Posting

Some of you are scouring the website looking for an address to send submissions to... please check your initial instructional email (with your invoice attached), which outlined exactly where to send everything(!).

The address is also at the end of every email we've sent you - in the email signature. It's NOT the PO Box.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Less than One Week til Submission Deadline!

Less than one week 'til submission deadline!

We are so excited about your glorious work coming in - keep it coming! The quality and presentation has been just gorgeous and we are thrilled to compile and put all this together for you. The hours are incredibly long but we are loving it!

Remember, work cannot be late or it will miss the production boat (quite literally). If you are going to have trouble getting work in on Friday, please be in touch with Tania asap. You don't want to risk having your work cut from the book.

We're so looking forward to having all your work in hand by Friday and prepping your pages beautifully for printing.

We'll keep you posted!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Designers are so stylish!

Part of the pleasure of receiving gorgeous handmade products to shoot for handmade living. is not only the items themselves, but the way in which designers package them. So cute, so stylish, so creative - like Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one and I have to open and gasp in surprise!

They're so cute, I've been leaving them for the kids to open after school! But then, of course, I then have to swat them away, as they want absolutely everything they open for themselves... hmmm.... sounds like someone else I know... me!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photographer Credits

Hello fabulous designers!

All is going wonderfully with book production - we are well underway and your pieces are looking amazing! Thank you to everyone who has already sent in their work - and if you do not have a feature, you should have everything to us by now, or on the way.

Don't forget to send us any photographer credits. We will not be chasing these, so make sure your photographer gets the credit they're due, if this applies to you.

Hope you're having fun!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Copyright Confusion

A small handful of you are still confused about copyright.

We do not and will never own copyright to your products or ideas. It is the feature in handmade living. that we own copyright to. Text, layout, design, photos if we took them for you.

The handmade living feature we create with you is exclusive to us, for use in the book. Its appearance in the book is under embargo until publication date, essentially meaning you can't announce to the world "Look at my gorgeous product I've been making for 20 years and will continue to make for another 20 years - it will be featured in handmade living!" This is why we've asked you to keep your product's appearance in the book to yourself.

This doesn't mean you can't sell your product, promote your product, talk about your product, blog about your product, use photos of your product. We just ask that you don't reveal what you are having featured in handmade living until after publication date.

You have and always will retain copyright to your item, to its marketing, sale, promotion and intellectual property, now, whilst in the book and forever more. It's just the printed feature that handmade living owns copyright to (as with every publication ever created).

Please do contact us if this still isn't clear.