Monday, May 31, 2010

The Draft Tome

Do you know what this is? It's a great tome of hulking treasure, all stacked and compiled and slotted in - each and every one of you has a place. It's a draft layout of the book - and completed typset pages are being inserted as they're finished. There may only be a handful complete but, of course, we're expecting a rush in the next three weeks!

Just had to tell you that you're all amazing, and your work is looking incredible!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Production

handmade living. is now well under production, with items starting to come in - there's some gorgeous projects in-hand right now!

A few housekeeping notes...

Remember, the deadline for receiving all submissions is Friday 25 June. This is only a few short weeks away and we regret that any late submissions risk being pulled (with full refund). We need to strictly adhere to production schedules if we want to get this book printed on time. If you think your submission will be even a day late, you must let us know NOW.

If you only have to send in a product for us to photograph, or a product photo and short blurb, please get these in asap; we do expect these simple items well before the deadline.

There will be no business logos or relevant fonts printed in handmade living.

The quarter page and half page features are not 'advertisements'. They are editorials and will be written to reflect this.

A reminder that the handmade living. team has full editorial control over photographs, text, layout and design of your piece. We are experts with a lot of experience and are aiming to make the most of your work, whilst still fitting the style and theme of the book. Your work will never, in the least, be compromised, however, we remind you to let go of all expectations or preconceived ideas on how your work will appear in handmade living. If you are concerned about this, please email Tania.

In parallel with publications of all genres, no pre-publication drafts, photographs, proofs or layouts are shared outside the production team.

As pages come together, we have to say, the book is looking stunning. Hang in there... the book's launch in December will be here before we know it!

Happy creating, everyone.

the handmade living. team

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Using Product Photos After Publication

Good morning all,

Some of you have queries on utilising photos of your products post-book-publication.

We hope the following answers your questions, but please don't hesitate to contact us if are still unsure.

If you are sending us a photo that you took, the copyright remains yours and you are giving us permission to print the photo in the book, royalty-free. We do ask that you refrain from posting this exact photo online or anywhere else until the book is published. If this photo has already appeared on your website or elsewhere, that's fine so long as you don't mention it will be in handmade living.

If you are sending a photo that your friend or a photographer took, the copyright remains to that person, and they are giving us permission to print the photo in the book, royalty-free. We do ask that you refrain from posting this exact photo online or anywhere else until the book is published. If this photo has already appeared on your website or elsewhere, that's fine so long as you don't mention it will be in handmade living.

If we are photographing your item for you, the photo will remain copyright of handmade living. and cannot be used anywhere else except in the book.

If you would like to promote your product by referencing your article in handmade living., this would be wonderful - so long as you utilise the ENTIRE ARTICLE - that is, photograph and any text, scanned and copied directly from the book. You can use this anywhere you like, so long as you always reference handmade living. each time you do so.

If you wanted to gain access to any photos we have taken of your product, you can purchase copyright from the photographer, and the cost will vary, depending on who takes the photo. You can purchase similar photos but not the actual ones used in the book. If you purchase these photos, you will obtain ownership and copyright.

As already stated on this blog and in your designer info pack, you have full rights to the work that appears in handmade living. and can sell it, use it or promote it any way you like, now, yesterday or tomorrow. We just ask that you do not mention that particular product will be featured in handmade living. until after publication.

Any more questions, please ask.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parcels Are Arriving!

So much fun to have parcels arriving in the mail - boxes and packages filled with designer treasure! It's like Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one and it's so fabulous to see the talent unfolding before us. Photographs are being taken and pages are being assembled... it's so exciting.

Just a reminder when you send your parcel in, please remember to write Tania McCartney or Tina Snerling - whomever you're sending it to - on the package. Having no name makes it very difficult when receiving a registered parcel.

Keep 'em coming!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Regarding Sneak Peeks and Copyright Issues

Hi again all,

There's a teensy bit of confusion over your copyrighted work for handmade living.

Your Products

Your products are not copyrighted to us - their appearance in handmade living. is. In the designer info pack, we stated that any of your products appearing in handmade living. are completely owned retained by you - of course, you can continue to make and market and sell and these products without any commitment to us - in the future or even right now.

If you have photos of your product being featured in handmade living. on your website or blog, either now or in the future, that's perfectly okay. If you mention alongside that product, however - "this is going to be featured in handmade living!" that is giving away our content! and so we'd ask that you don't mention this until post-publication. After the book is published, please feel free to mention this anywhere and everywhere (in fact, we encourage it!).


Any photos you provide us do not become copyright to handmade living. They are retained by you or your photographer. We are only printing them with your (or your photographer's) permission.

Any photos we take of your products are copyright to handmade living, and are retained by us. You can't use these photos at all, anywhere else. Once the book is published and if you want to use the book as a marketing tool for your business (we hope you do!), you are asked to use your entire piece in its entirety - with both photo and text, so long as you mention the book each time.

If you would like to obtain copyright and ownership of some of the photos taken by us, you are more than welcome to talk with the relevant photographer, and we can put you in touch with them. They will offer some heavily discounted prices on any similar photos (that are not used in the book). You will gain copyright and ownership of these photos and you also won't pay a shooting fee! So please let us know if you'd like to take advantage of this.

Thank you to all of you who have sent back your copyright confirmation emails. Remember, you need to state in writing that the work submitted to handmade living. is your own, in its entirety. Apologies for these extra asks, but these things are a publication requirement.

Hope this clears things up - please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any copyright issues.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Please Don't Give 'Sneak Peeks' Of Your Work

As book enters its production stage, we realise designers are really thrilled and excited about their place in handmade living.

Although we know it's very tempting to show friends, family and even your blog readers (!) a little peek at the work going in handmade living. - and we know how utterly excited you are to share - please remember that the work you're creating is copyrighted to handmade living. and it's not ok to showcase even a teensy peek at the work going into the book.

This kind of 'secrecy' applies to all publications - so please remember to keep all images, ideas, text and even in-process parts of your beautiful application to yourself.

If you have posted a peek on your blog or website, we'd be enormously grateful if you could remove it.

Thanks everyone for your understanding!

Julie, Tania and Tina


See Regarding Sneak Peeks and Copyright Issues for more info.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Deadlines for Publications

Deadlines for Handmade Canberra publications must be strictly adhered to.

Due to the monumental task of compiling these amazing books and the fact that there are only a handful of us, any late applications, feature submissions or payments will automatically lose their placing and will have to rejoin the queue.

Any late arrivals will NOT be chased by us, and your place will automatically be offered to the next designer in the queue. We apologise in advance for this, but we take pride in offering plenty of time for designers to apply, submit and pay.

Please do NOT apply for our publications if you cannot apply, submit or pay on time.

Deadlines for A Handmade Christmas will be posted mid-January.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Book is Almost Full!

Dear Designers,

What an exciting time it is for the handmade living team - we are busily compiling your design ideas into our pages and it's going to be amazing!

Since offering two new packages, we've been inundated and the book is almost full. From early next week, we are going to have to unofficially close any extra applications, as we need to get started on book production, and in order to do this, we need all pages cemented in.

If you are still interested in submitting something, you will really need to get it to us asap. You are welcome to send in your application next week, but please be aware it's very unlikely it will be accepted from Monday onwards.

Great work, everyone! We can't wait to show you this book!

Julie, Tania and Tina

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Calendar is still Open until 26 June

The calendar applications will remain open Tuesday 26 June but hurry - places are limited and filling fast.

If you have missed out on the book or don't have the time or wherewithall to take part in the book, please consider the calendar... Tina Snerling is taking care of this and she will do a STUNNING job of your work - you get an entire month! Check out the Calendar info here for more, and be in touch with Tina if you have any queries.

Thank you to everyone for your stunning applications! We will be in touch with you all by Friday 14 May. Good luck!

the handmade living team.

If you can't open any mail links directly, see CONTACT in the left hand column for an email address.

Monday, May 10, 2010

End of Chapter Product Feature

Hello lovely designers,

As we move through this book creation process, things crop up all the time, so please forgive me if I'm stating the obvious... but yet another little reminder...

The End of Chapter Product photo features only ONE photo of your product. You will not have a whole page of your products. You share the page with other designers in your category.

Keep the apps coming! There's still time!


handmade living. in the Canberra Times

Click to enlarge

So fabulous to be mentioned in the Canberra Times on Sunday - our gorgeous book is becoming the talk of the town! We're so excited about this glorious project.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Contents Page and Back Cover

Hi all,

Just a note on the Contents Page and Back Cover features.

You need to have a How-To, Three-Ways or Five-Ways feature in the book if you would like to go on the Contents Page. The Contents Page shows the contents of the book and where readers can find a project or a how-to.

The Back Cover similarly showcases something significant that can be found in the book, for the reader to do.

Having a photo of your product on the 'End of Chapter products page' is not enough to allow you to be featured on the Contents or Back Cover.

Hope this makes sense! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


How is your glorious weekend going so far? I thought it was time I introduced myself officially! My name is Tina Snerling and I am over the moon excited to be working with the lovely Tania and Julie on this amazing project! As you all well know, applications for our gorgeous 'Handmade Living' book and calender have been flooding our inbox, but we still want more! I am so happy to be designing our calender and can't wait to start working with our fabulous designers (some of you have already been approved YEAH!) I am particularly after unusual creations to be featured in the calendar. If you have been thinking about applying but not sure where your creation fits, why not drop me a line to discuss the possibility of being featured in the calendar. I am currently scouring locations and searching high and low for the best props and models to make our designers products look amazing in our postcard calender. I can't wait to share this journey with you all along the way. I will keep you all updated with 'glimpses' into the making of this wonderful calendar. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank You

Dear Designers,

Just a wee note to thank you all for being such a talented bunch! We are falling over with glee at your amazing applications and are just so excited how beautifully this book is already coming together.

We also want to thank you for your professionalism, warmth and most of all - for being so lovely and easy to deal with. Having dealt with hundreds of queries, requests and applications in such a short period of time, with a massive volume of work ahead of us, it's not easy to deal with petty issues or difficult people (even abusive people, incredulously), and it's heartwarming and so stress-relieving to encounter consistently gorgeous people who are a joy to chat with, liaise and share this fabulously creative journey with, ie... you!

It's so much fun liaising with you all. Keep those applications coming in! And please don't hesitate to contact us if you need.

Tania, Julie and Tina

Remember - You MUST have a Website or Blog to apply

Hello all,

Just a reminder that you must have a website or blog to apply for handmade living. We cannot accept any applications if you have no means for our readers to access you and your business. We will not print email addresses, phone numbers or street/po addresses in the book, so you need to be certain you have web presence.

This is vital to your application. It only takes moments to create a blog. You don't have to be tech-savvy, it's free and is a vital and easy way to promote your work.

Extension of Deadlines

Dear Designers,

As we have extended our application deadline, the deadline for announcement of approvals is also being extended to Friday 14 May. Many of you will hear before this time - and we will endeavour to let you all know as soon as we can. This is a real balancing act!

Most of you will still have until 25 May to send payment, but if you are approved AFTER 11 May, you will have 2 weeks from approval date, which gives you a little more time.

Please do be in touch if you want to talk about payment dates.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Having Trouble Receiving your Information Pack?

If you don't receive your Designer Information soon after requesting, please email us again.

A few people are not receiving their pack, or are only part-receiving it - we can't explain why this is happening, as all emails are clearing our inbox just fine, and the attachments are small.

Add infoATtaniamccartneyDOTcom to your safe recipients list and if you still don't get anything, do be in touch!


Applications are Being Approved

We've already started approving applications! but don't worry - you have plenty of time do get your application in... we have lots of pages to fill, so get yours in for your chance at being published!

Remember, you only need to get the application in by Monday. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR ITEM COMPLETED!!

What an amazing array of applications with such unique and beautiful designs. We are very excited about this project... and you should be, too!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you Perth Upmarket!

A big smooch and eternal thanks across the Nullabor to Justine at Perth Upmarket for shouting out the handmade living. news... who wouldn't want to be part of this amazing book? Perth artisans, that's for sure! My inbox went bananas once Justine sent this email.

Welcome, WA!

And huge thanks to lovely Justine. Be sure to sign up for the Perth Upmarket newsletter here. So wonderful to have this Aus-wide community support. Love it!

Application Deadline Extended to Monday 10 May at Midnight!

Due to an unprecedented response to the handmade living. opportunity, we are extending the application deadline to Monday 10 May at midnight.

We will be breaking our backs to extend this deadline but we simply can't resist the gorgeous emails and begging! ;)

Please note that due to the huge response we've had, we absolutely CANNOT extend this deadline a minute further. YOU MUST GET YOUR APPLICATION IN by midnight on Monday 10 May.

We regret that due to the tight time constraints on the production of this book, any applications received after this time cannot be accepted.

You can request a Designer Info Pack right up until Monday 10 May at 11.50pm. But then, of course, that only gives you ten minutes to fill in your form and get it back to us!

We hope to hear from you with your application soon! Contact us with any concerns.

Monday, May 3, 2010

We Want Foodies!

Spread the word! Foodies are also warmly welcome to contribute to handmade living. This book is all about LIVING and lifestyle, across many genres, including food and beverage.

Please tell your friends - Foodies Wanted! From chocolate to chai tea, from wine to cakes. We love it all - and foodies are some of the most creative people we know! So get (egg) cracking. If you are a foodie, request a Designer Info Pack now! There isn't much time!



Thanks again Mathilda's!

Even MORE Designer Info Pack requests coming in thanks to our lovely pals at Mathilda's Market.

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Misunderstanding of Friday's Deadline

I have a sneaking suspicion some of you may have misunderstood Friday's deadline. Friday's deadline is for APPLICATIONS and it's NOT for any kind of finished work or photographs. If you do have photos to send in with your app, then fantastic, but if you only have an idea in your head, that's okay, too.

Essentially, the application is an expression of interest, and we must know who wants to do what! We can't start approving or allocating pages in a book without knowing exactly what people want to contribute.

It horrifies us to think that some of you think the deadline this Friday 7 May means you have to have a finished product or idea to us. We wouldn't want to miss out on you and your talent!! So please tell everyone you know - Friday 7 May is applications/expressions of interest/ideas ONLY.

You will have around 8 weeks to get your finished product in.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Tania and Co.

And more thanks... to Handmade Kids!

Huge thanks to our fab friends Jemma and Caz at Handmade Kids for shouting out loud to their readers over the handmade living designer call!

Loving their website and all that they do. You must check it out if you have kiddlings. Awash with designer kiddie bliss!

Huge Thanks to Made It!

Big thanks to lovely Bec from Made It for giving our Designer Call some airplay in her newsletter! So wonderful to share this exciting publication opportunity with handmade lovers Australia-wide, and to develop strong support and mutual admiration with other handmade organisations and affiliates.

We love you, Made It! You can check out the blog and sign up for the Made It newsletter here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Less than One Week til Application Deadline!

I've just spent the day away from my computer for the first time in weeks and I think my back has actually loosened and I can now see again!

I've come home to a barrage of requests for Designer Info Packs - how exciting. The handmade living. team is so excited to see applications already rolling and I think we'll be rather busy next week!

You can still request Designer Info Packs right up until next Friday 7 May. You have until midnight on 7 May to get your application in.

REMEMBER - THIS DEADLINE IS FOR APPLICATIONS ONLY, NOT FOR YOUR PROJECT SUBMISSION~! YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO WORK ON YOUR PROJECT BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET THAT APPLICATION IN! We will be working at a rapid pace on approving applications and on the book's content from 8 May, so all applications must be in on time.

One more reminder - please remember that if you are applying for a Single Page, Double Page or 3-Ways/5-Ways feature, you must provide a HOW-TO, PROJECT or INSPIRATION - not just a product write-up. If you are still confused by this, please contact us.

Lastly, be sure to check out the Shop Handmade blog - I've taken some great shop photos and will post about them soon.

Happy designing, everyone!