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Handmade living is what Handmade Canberra is all about. From its enormously successful quarterly Canberra market to its retail space Shop Handmade in Canberra city, to its new round of gorgeous publications, a handmade lif is all about style, whimsy, simplicity and inspiration.

handmade living. is Handmade Canberra's inaugural publication - a beautiful hard cover lifestyle book that combines the inspiration and talents of handmade designers living in Canberra and all over Australia.

The book was released on 4 December 2010 to much acclaim, and is available online at the Handmade Canberra site, in Shop Handmade, or in bookstores Australia-wide.

The call out for A Handmade Christmas, our second publication, will commence some time in 2011. Keep an eye on this blog for more!

Handmade bliss.

about handmade living.

handmade living. is a gorgeous new concept book that will showcase a collection of designers who specialise in the unique and timeless quality and style of handmade products.

handmade living. is not about elaborate, complicated or exclusive design. Its essence is centered in whimsy, simplicity and style, and its greatest gift will be in the inspiration to create. This stunning new book will allow you, the designer, to connect with the public like never before, and show them the beauty that is handmade!

handmade living. will be a book that is different to anything else on the market. It will be stunning, stylish and packed with a whole dose of unique style, not seen elsewhere in Australia – ie: it will be filled with you!

We are aiming to produce a timeless book that people will read and reference for years to come – not only for the ‘how-to’ and instructional sections but for the gorgeous products and pictures, the styling and design information, and overall beauty of the book.

handmade living. will be divided into several inspirational chapters, offering a variety of articles and features. Designers are asked to submit a project, how-to or inspirational piece that in some way showcase one of their chosen products.

Tania McCartney is the creative liaison for handmade living. and you will work closely with her to hone your idea and perfectly showcase it in the book.

We offer designers a wide range of amazing packages that will allow you to choose your exposure in the book. All submissions are subject to approval, and approved submissions are on a first-in, first-served basis.

handmade living. will be available for sale in Shop Handmade, at the Handmade markets, online and in stores Australia-wide. We will also be creating a stunning calendar to be released alongside the book, created by Tina Snerling.

Don't miss this remarkable opportunity to take your business to a whole new level.

For more, see...
how to apply.
frequently asked questions.
deadline information.


General conditions for acceptance into our publications is outlined below. More detailed acceptance criteria will be divulged upon the opening of each publication.

Applicants must be Australian residents and have their work available for purchase within Australia.

All products, photos, info, profiles and how-tos must be the original work of the designer, and acceptance of all items is at the discretion of the Handmade Team..

Places are limited, so first [approved] in, first served.

Deadlines are to be met at all costs. No late applications, submissions of work or payments will be accepted.

Designers need to have a current website or blog to apply; no phone numbers, logos or addresses will be printed.

Designers will be required to work with the Handmade Team and have all work approved for inclusion.

We reserve the right to terminate and refund any monies received at any time should the relationship between Handmade and the designer not work out.

NO royalties will be paid to designers upon the sale of this book, and designers cannot claim royalties in any way, in perpetuity.

Designers are welcome to utilise the book to promote their own business, bearing in mind that normal copyright restrictions apply. These restrictions will be advised to you upon acceptance.

Some designers may want to on-sell their products featured in the book – that is absolutely fine and Handmade Canberra releases all rights to the designer in this regard. Creations currently being sold by you are fine to be included in the book.

We reserve the right to make editorial changes to the book at any time during production, including the deletion or addition of packages (with full refund). We will ensure any editorial changes will not directly affect a designer’s financial package.

All decisions and editorial presentation is made by the Handmade Team. Designers are not given editorial rights nor proofing rights or previews at any time.

Payment is required for entry into this production in order to cover printing costs only. As we are a very small publisher, production would be impossible without charging these fees. We work hard to make these fees as affordable as possible for designers, and the resultant fees are a mere fraction of the cost charged for any other advertorial exposure in print mediums across Australia.

See also...
about handmade living.
how to apply.
frequently asked questions.
deadline information.

frequently asked questions.

PLEASE read these FAQs carefully. If you still have unanswered queries, feel free to contact us.

For all administrationa inquiries including pricing and designer information and liaison, contact Louise Hall.

For business or media enquiries, contact Julie Nichols.

For creative enquiries, contact Tania McCartney but only if you have already began liaising with Tania on your feature. Please direct all other inquiries through Louise.

What kind of book is A Handmade Christmas? It is a beautiful, large format, picture-driven book showcasing handmade designers and their wares, ideas and inspiration, all with a Christmassy theme. It will feature original or existing designer ideas and products, offering how-tos and ideas that will make readers drool.

How big will the book be?
Soft cover, probably between 176 and 208 pages, around 230 by 290mm, though this is uncertain until product is underway.

Where will the book be sold?
At Shop Handmade, Handmade market, online and in bookstores Australia-wide (via one of the nation's largest book distributors). It will also be permanently housed at local bookstores like Dalton's and Paperchain in Canberra. You will also be offered to sell the book, and earn commission!

Who is publishing this book? handmade press.

What will it retail for? This will be advised, but the price will be set at regular retail price recommendations for this style of book.

When will the book be released? This is to be advised, though at this stage, it will be 2012.
Who can apply for this book? You have to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, offering products that are available within Australia to be elligible. Australians living overseas can apply so long as their items are available to purchase within Australia.

Do I have to pay to be in the book? Yes. We are a tiny team and cannot produce this book without fees. These fees are charged to cover printing costs only and we do not personally earn anything from these fees. The price packages we offer are quite phenomenal for the kind of exposure you will receive, and nowhere in any print media will you achieve this kind of editorial space for these prices.

Will paying these fees give me control over my feature? No. All editorial decisions and design is made by the team of professionals at Handmade Canberra, and paying these fees does not give you in-production nor post-production rights. Those applying for our publications must release all preconceptions on how their feature will look. If you feel this would be impossible for you, then this is probably not the right project for you.

Will I earn any royalties from the book? No. All future royalties from the book are the property of Handmade Canberra and much of the funds will be used to recreate further books that will continue to promote your business. When your creative submission is accepted for the book, you will be asked to waive all rights to future royalties, in perpetuity.

Can I earn any money at all from this venture? Yes. You will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a wholesale price, which you can then on-sell for the retail price. This wholesale opportunity will be offered directly through our distributor.

how to apply.

If you are gagging to become involved in Handmade's stunning new book, handmade living., please read the following carefully. You can also see our frequently asked questions.

FIRST, you need to request a designer information pack. This outlines all the information you need, and contains more information about the book, the structure of the book and its thematic chapters, what kinds of submissions you can make and how to do it. It also outlines our amazing price options and how you can also make money. Email us for a pack.

SECONDLY, you need to submit an application form nominating your product/idea, which chapter you feel it falls into (if applicable) and which package(s) you have chosen to submit your product/idea for. A separate form needs to be filled out for each product or idea. There is more information on how to do this in the designer information pack. Email us for an application form.

THIRDLY, you will need to have your submission approved. Due to the huge amount of talent and strict deadline in this book's production, we will be taking submissions on a first-in, first-served basis (after approval). Please do not email us asking about your submission. We will get to you when we can.

LASTLY, you will need to work with Tania to make sure your idea 'fits' the book's look and structure. All creative decisions are the responsibility of the handmade living. team and all decisions are final. If you feel you want to have control or want to act in a diva fashion, this project will not be for you. Remember, we are totally committed to making your products and ideas shine (and Tania really is lovely to work with!). If you have any creative enquiries that are not answered in the FAQs, email Tania.

REMEMBER you will also need to be able to commit to strict deadlines and work closely with Tania on the creative process. You will need to be available to design and create stunning and unique ideas, provide beautiful photos or bring them in for photographing, and preferably also be available for designer photo shoots, publicity or special events (like the book launch!) if possible.

Send your application and submission details to: Tania with ‘handmade living’ in the subject line. THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS: Friday 7 May 2010. Late applications will not be accepted.

Media inquiries, please email Julie.

Also see...
about handmade living.
frequently asked questions.
deadline information.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

handmade press team. Julie Nichols

name. Julie Nichols

location. Murrumbateman

handmade living role. Creative thinker

what I love most about handmade living. That it will show everyone in Australia how wonderful makers of Handmade are!

i'm loving. My family, my new solar passive home, Canberra, all the fabulous people I know through Handmade

i'm loathing. Unkind people

my favourite ice cream flavour. Vanilla, classic and goes with everything!

contact. email


illustration by tina snerling.

Monday, March 22, 2010

handmade press team. Tania McCartney

name. Tania McCartney

location. Physically in Canberra, heart in Paris, brain in Manhattan, soul in a book

handmade living role. Author, designer, photographer, blogger, all-round and utter creative enthusiast

what I love most about handmade living. The amazing creative collaboration and talent stuffed inside its glossy pages

i'm loving. Talent, children's books, vanilla rose tea, people who do something about their passion

i'm loathing. Apathy, cruelty, illiteracy

my favourite ice cream flavour. Vanilla, baby - all the way! And you can add crushed peppermint crisp bars...

contact. email


illustration by tina snerling.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

handmade press team. Tina Snerling

name. Tina Snerling

location. Brisbane

handmade living role. Illustrator, designer

what I love most about handmade living. That is allows the wonderful, creative talent of our country to showcase themselves in a way that has not been seen before!

i'm loving. Beautiful fabrics, vintage French laces and gorgeous books!

i'm loathing. Ironing, broken sleep (still can’t get used to that one) and little ones that use my good fabric scissors to cut paper!

my favourite ice cream flavour. Pistachio gelati. Although I love the flavour, the fact that it is pale green in colour usually means the kids won’t go near it so I can enjoy the entire cup to myself!

contact. email


illustration by tina snerling.

deadline information.

When applying for handmade living. the following deadlines apply:

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS: Friday 7 May 2010. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

ACCEPTED APPLICATIONS will be announced Tuesday 11 May.

DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT is Tuesday 25 May. This will secure your position in the book.


Email applications here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


For all media enquiries, please contact Julie Nichols.