Friday, March 26, 2010

frequently asked questions.

PLEASE read these FAQs carefully. If you still have unanswered queries, feel free to contact us.

For all administrationa inquiries including pricing and designer information and liaison, contact Louise Hall.

For business or media enquiries, contact Julie Nichols.

For creative enquiries, contact Tania McCartney but only if you have already began liaising with Tania on your feature. Please direct all other inquiries through Louise.

What kind of book is A Handmade Christmas? It is a beautiful, large format, picture-driven book showcasing handmade designers and their wares, ideas and inspiration, all with a Christmassy theme. It will feature original or existing designer ideas and products, offering how-tos and ideas that will make readers drool.

How big will the book be?
Soft cover, probably between 176 and 208 pages, around 230 by 290mm, though this is uncertain until product is underway.

Where will the book be sold?
At Shop Handmade, Handmade market, online and in bookstores Australia-wide (via one of the nation's largest book distributors). It will also be permanently housed at local bookstores like Dalton's and Paperchain in Canberra. You will also be offered to sell the book, and earn commission!

Who is publishing this book? handmade press.

What will it retail for? This will be advised, but the price will be set at regular retail price recommendations for this style of book.

When will the book be released? This is to be advised, though at this stage, it will be 2012.
Who can apply for this book? You have to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, offering products that are available within Australia to be elligible. Australians living overseas can apply so long as their items are available to purchase within Australia.

Do I have to pay to be in the book? Yes. We are a tiny team and cannot produce this book without fees. These fees are charged to cover printing costs only and we do not personally earn anything from these fees. The price packages we offer are quite phenomenal for the kind of exposure you will receive, and nowhere in any print media will you achieve this kind of editorial space for these prices.

Will paying these fees give me control over my feature? No. All editorial decisions and design is made by the team of professionals at Handmade Canberra, and paying these fees does not give you in-production nor post-production rights. Those applying for our publications must release all preconceptions on how their feature will look. If you feel this would be impossible for you, then this is probably not the right project for you.

Will I earn any royalties from the book? No. All future royalties from the book are the property of Handmade Canberra and much of the funds will be used to recreate further books that will continue to promote your business. When your creative submission is accepted for the book, you will be asked to waive all rights to future royalties, in perpetuity.

Can I earn any money at all from this venture? Yes. You will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a wholesale price, which you can then on-sell for the retail price. This wholesale opportunity will be offered directly through our distributor.

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