Friday, March 26, 2010


General conditions for acceptance into our publications is outlined below. More detailed acceptance criteria will be divulged upon the opening of each publication.

Applicants must be Australian residents and have their work available for purchase within Australia.

All products, photos, info, profiles and how-tos must be the original work of the designer, and acceptance of all items is at the discretion of the Handmade Team..

Places are limited, so first [approved] in, first served.

Deadlines are to be met at all costs. No late applications, submissions of work or payments will be accepted.

Designers need to have a current website or blog to apply; no phone numbers, logos or addresses will be printed.

Designers will be required to work with the Handmade Team and have all work approved for inclusion.

We reserve the right to terminate and refund any monies received at any time should the relationship between Handmade and the designer not work out.

NO royalties will be paid to designers upon the sale of this book, and designers cannot claim royalties in any way, in perpetuity.

Designers are welcome to utilise the book to promote their own business, bearing in mind that normal copyright restrictions apply. These restrictions will be advised to you upon acceptance.

Some designers may want to on-sell their products featured in the book – that is absolutely fine and Handmade Canberra releases all rights to the designer in this regard. Creations currently being sold by you are fine to be included in the book.

We reserve the right to make editorial changes to the book at any time during production, including the deletion or addition of packages (with full refund). We will ensure any editorial changes will not directly affect a designer’s financial package.

All decisions and editorial presentation is made by the Handmade Team. Designers are not given editorial rights nor proofing rights or previews at any time.

Payment is required for entry into this production in order to cover printing costs only. As we are a very small publisher, production would be impossible without charging these fees. We work hard to make these fees as affordable as possible for designers, and the resultant fees are a mere fraction of the cost charged for any other advertorial exposure in print mediums across Australia.

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