Friday, March 26, 2010

how to apply.

If you are gagging to become involved in Handmade's stunning new book, handmade living., please read the following carefully. You can also see our frequently asked questions.

FIRST, you need to request a designer information pack. This outlines all the information you need, and contains more information about the book, the structure of the book and its thematic chapters, what kinds of submissions you can make and how to do it. It also outlines our amazing price options and how you can also make money. Email us for a pack.

SECONDLY, you need to submit an application form nominating your product/idea, which chapter you feel it falls into (if applicable) and which package(s) you have chosen to submit your product/idea for. A separate form needs to be filled out for each product or idea. There is more information on how to do this in the designer information pack. Email us for an application form.

THIRDLY, you will need to have your submission approved. Due to the huge amount of talent and strict deadline in this book's production, we will be taking submissions on a first-in, first-served basis (after approval). Please do not email us asking about your submission. We will get to you when we can.

LASTLY, you will need to work with Tania to make sure your idea 'fits' the book's look and structure. All creative decisions are the responsibility of the handmade living. team and all decisions are final. If you feel you want to have control or want to act in a diva fashion, this project will not be for you. Remember, we are totally committed to making your products and ideas shine (and Tania really is lovely to work with!). If you have any creative enquiries that are not answered in the FAQs, email Tania.

REMEMBER you will also need to be able to commit to strict deadlines and work closely with Tania on the creative process. You will need to be available to design and create stunning and unique ideas, provide beautiful photos or bring them in for photographing, and preferably also be available for designer photo shoots, publicity or special events (like the book launch!) if possible.

Send your application and submission details to: Tania with ‘handmade living’ in the subject line. THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS: Friday 7 May 2010. Late applications will not be accepted.

Media inquiries, please email Julie.

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