Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Applications are coming in!

Thanks everyone for the applications! They are already coming in and it's just so exciting to see people's ideas! I am trying to contain myself and not just launch straight into production with each and every one of you... but right now, it's important to catalogue your ideas and work out where they could fit.

Remember, the more creative and 'out there' you can be, the higher your chances are of gaining a place in the book. Send in your gorgeous ideas but also try to think of ways they can be done differently. handmade living. is not just another creative showcase book - we need to give our readers things they've never seen or done before - let's show them how utterly clever our Handmade designers are!



  1. Sounds awesome, love it all, the concept of serious creativity & inspiration is pushing me for sure. Love a challenge!! Love Posie

  2. Having so much fun re-designing....