Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Production

handmade living. is now well under production, with items starting to come in - there's some gorgeous projects in-hand right now!

A few housekeeping notes...

Remember, the deadline for receiving all submissions is Friday 25 June. This is only a few short weeks away and we regret that any late submissions risk being pulled (with full refund). We need to strictly adhere to production schedules if we want to get this book printed on time. If you think your submission will be even a day late, you must let us know NOW.

If you only have to send in a product for us to photograph, or a product photo and short blurb, please get these in asap; we do expect these simple items well before the deadline.

There will be no business logos or relevant fonts printed in handmade living.

The quarter page and half page features are not 'advertisements'. They are editorials and will be written to reflect this.

A reminder that the handmade living. team has full editorial control over photographs, text, layout and design of your piece. We are experts with a lot of experience and are aiming to make the most of your work, whilst still fitting the style and theme of the book. Your work will never, in the least, be compromised, however, we remind you to let go of all expectations or preconceived ideas on how your work will appear in handmade living. If you are concerned about this, please email Tania.

In parallel with publications of all genres, no pre-publication drafts, photographs, proofs or layouts are shared outside the production team.

As pages come together, we have to say, the book is looking stunning. Hang in there... the book's launch in December will be here before we know it!

Happy creating, everyone.

the handmade living. team

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  1. Sounds totally awesome, i'm busy with my submissions, just loving it, who knew i had more creativity in me?? I'm guessing you!! Love Posie