Saturday, May 1, 2010

Less than One Week til Application Deadline!

I've just spent the day away from my computer for the first time in weeks and I think my back has actually loosened and I can now see again!

I've come home to a barrage of requests for Designer Info Packs - how exciting. The handmade living. team is so excited to see applications already rolling and I think we'll be rather busy next week!

You can still request Designer Info Packs right up until next Friday 7 May. You have until midnight on 7 May to get your application in.

REMEMBER - THIS DEADLINE IS FOR APPLICATIONS ONLY, NOT FOR YOUR PROJECT SUBMISSION~! YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO WORK ON YOUR PROJECT BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET THAT APPLICATION IN! We will be working at a rapid pace on approving applications and on the book's content from 8 May, so all applications must be in on time.

One more reminder - please remember that if you are applying for a Single Page, Double Page or 3-Ways/5-Ways feature, you must provide a HOW-TO, PROJECT or INSPIRATION - not just a product write-up. If you are still confused by this, please contact us.

Lastly, be sure to check out the Shop Handmade blog - I've taken some great shop photos and will post about them soon.

Happy designing, everyone!



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  1. Oh so exciting, i can only imagine the amazing styles you coming your way, lucky girl!! Love Posie