Friday, May 21, 2010

Please Don't Give 'Sneak Peeks' Of Your Work

As book enters its production stage, we realise designers are really thrilled and excited about their place in handmade living.

Although we know it's very tempting to show friends, family and even your blog readers (!) a little peek at the work going in handmade living. - and we know how utterly excited you are to share - please remember that the work you're creating is copyrighted to handmade living. and it's not ok to showcase even a teensy peek at the work going into the book.

This kind of 'secrecy' applies to all publications - so please remember to keep all images, ideas, text and even in-process parts of your beautiful application to yourself.

If you have posted a peek on your blog or website, we'd be enormously grateful if you could remove it.

Thanks everyone for your understanding!

Julie, Tania and Tina


See Regarding Sneak Peeks and Copyright Issues for more info.

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