Friday, June 4, 2010

Copyright Confusion

A small handful of you are still confused about copyright.

We do not and will never own copyright to your products or ideas. It is the feature in handmade living. that we own copyright to. Text, layout, design, photos if we took them for you.

The handmade living feature we create with you is exclusive to us, for use in the book. Its appearance in the book is under embargo until publication date, essentially meaning you can't announce to the world "Look at my gorgeous product I've been making for 20 years and will continue to make for another 20 years - it will be featured in handmade living!" This is why we've asked you to keep your product's appearance in the book to yourself.

This doesn't mean you can't sell your product, promote your product, talk about your product, blog about your product, use photos of your product. We just ask that you don't reveal what you are having featured in handmade living until after publication date.

You have and always will retain copyright to your item, to its marketing, sale, promotion and intellectual property, now, whilst in the book and forever more. It's just the printed feature that handmade living owns copyright to (as with every publication ever created).

Please do contact us if this still isn't clear.

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