Friday, August 27, 2010

Complimentary Copies and Wholesaling

Hello gorgeous designers!

We've had a query from a designer over the wholesale price for copies she wishes to buy for personal use. Good question!

Remember, as outlined in the Designer Info pack and also on this website, every designer who appears in the book receives one complimentary copy. These copies will be available for pick up in Canberra from 4 December or by mail (in which case the designer pays postage).

Orders for books via the Handmade Canberra website or in stores or at the Shop or Market won't be offered at a wholesale price. The wholesale price of handmade living is for onselling only. This is for designers who wish to sell the book. We worked hard to strike this deal with Dennis Jones & Associates so that designers could make a nice little profit by onselling – and also, of course, so the book reaches a further audience.

Wholesale price therefore isn’t available unless you wish to onsell the book. Obviously, it's important this is adhered to.

Do be in touch if you have any more questions about this.

Only a few months now until handmade living is born!

Warmest wishes,

The Team

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