Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Handmade Auction for Christchurch

The dust may have settled in Christchurch, but the pain and loss is still palpable... While Australians have been very hands-on in aiding our kiwi family across the ditch, it's been so inspiring to see people from all over the world reach out to the people of New Zealand and help in any way they can.

But we can always do more.

A band of mums and handmade aficionados based in New Zealand have come together to run a series of auctions to raise funds for Christchurch - Handmade for Christchurch.

"When we heard about the Christchurch earthquake our hearts sank and we all felt so helpless. A couple of our group are from the area and we sat there for hours waiting and waiting to hear if our friends were ok," says mum Roslyn Henley.

"In that time we all chatted and thought of someway that we could help to give a little as we could not leave our families and go and help with the clean up."

The group decided that, as they are all crafters, they would create a group which helped raise money for those affected by the earthquake.

"In the last 24 hours since the group has started, we have received many many responses from people who are willing to take some time out of their busy life to create something for a donation for us to Auction off on Trade Me," says Roslyn.

"As time goes on, the donations are increasing and we would love to be able to raise as much as we can."

Can you spare an hour or two to create something handmade for this wonderful cause? Join the facebook page now...

...and spread the word far and wide. Auctions will start from this Sunday night.

For direct handmade donations please email:

Remember, every little bit counts and all money raised will be split between the Christchurch Womans Refuge and The Salvation Army.

Well done, handmade girls! Our hearts are with you and the people of Christchurch.

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