Thursday, April 29, 2010

Huge Thanks to Mathilda's Market

Huge thanks to the lovely Anne Lewis of Mathilda's Market for the shout out about handmade living. in the Mathilda's newsletter tonight! Publicist Peta Levett did an amazing job of writing about our call-out for designers to take part in this fabulous publication celebration of handmade designers, Australia-wide.

Our inbox is really in overdrive now! What an inspiring way to network in the handmade community. Love your work, gals!

Make sure you check out the Mathilda's blog, and sign up for the fab newsletter here.


  1. Great email on Mathilda's, i was a tad overexcited to think, oh, i know Tania & i'm doing this, yes yes yes!! Love Posie

  2. Jennie, what aren't you doing :-)

    PS - it's our pleasure to help out, it sounds like an amazing publication!