Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make Sure You Provide an Inspirational Project or How-To

Hello talented designers,

Applications are coming in and it's sheer joy to see the amazing ideas from you enormously clever people!

Just a reminder - some are sending in applications with information on their product only. Yes, they are very beautiful products, but this is not a book advertising your creations. This is a HOW-TO, PROJECT and INSPIRATION book. You need to come up with some kind of idea that readers can RECREATE themselves.

If you are a jeweller, for example, it's obvious readers will not have the tools or the know-how to recreate precious jewellery. So think outside the square. Can you create a project that is INSPIRED by your jewellery? Or what about a way to keep or gift your jewellery? Or use your jewellery in ways other than on your neck, ears, wrists??

If you provide a service, eg: photographers - think up a special way to showcase your talent, whether it be instructional or physical, like ways to display photos or take them.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you would like to discuss some more design ideas or need inspiration, but also talk to your friends and colleagues about your ideas - the more you talk, the more you will be inspired to think creatively.

Remember, we are NOT just advertising your products, we are ensuring readers receive something they can 'take away' from handmade living. so they rant and rave to everyone about it and more people buy this beautiful book... featuring YOU!

So please remember to *add a project or how-to idea to your application!

*Of course, all this does not apply to people who only want to place a photo as an End of Chapter product shot.


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