Thursday, April 29, 2010

Think Outside the Square!

Stunning designer applications continue to come in and we are so impressed by the quality and calibre of your ideas - however, we need to reiterate that handmade living. is a book that showcases your talent in ways that have not been seen (or are not frequently seen) before.

We are looking for applications that feature items bursting with imagination.

We realise that some classic idea templates will still be featured in the book, but the whole premise and attraction of handmade living. is that it will give its readers something new and something fresh - a whole new take. This is what will make handmade living. stand out from the plethora of other creative books on the scene, and make it a must-buy, ensuring your maximum exposure to the public.

When you send your application in, ask yourself:

  • is my idea unique?
  • has it been seen before? if yes, how can I make it stand out/different?
  • what new elements can I incorporate/interesting materials can I use?
  • how can I think outside the square?

I hope this sends your creative juices into overdrive!



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